Reasons why our Jerky is the Best In Tasting Jerky In Vietnam

We have so many reasons why are Jerky tastes just so damn great! But rather than bore you we have selected just a couple for you below.

Once its gone it’s gone

We only make 50 packets of our delicious tasting Jerky a day. If you got a craving for our premium damn fine tasting Jerky.. Don’t hesitate or else it’s going to be too late!

Our 3 finger lickin’ flavours



The truest form of Jerky. The only option considered by the most ardent of jerky connoisseurs. A real meat treat which will no doubt get your mouth watering!

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salted hickory

A real fan favourite with spices hailing all the way from the deep south. The slightly salted with sweet and woodsy notes will have those taste buds of yours tantalised in no time!

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Spicy Jalepeño

Ay Caramba! This Chilli infused Jerky is for those who like to feel a little hot under the collar. This packs a kick like a bucking bronco…maybe a glass of milk rather than beer is this Jerkys best friend!!

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What some of our customers have been saying about us… ????

I’m sorry to have to use the big guys name in vain, but oh my god thank you Phat Phuc! I often get homesick, however your Jerky is the perfect medicine because everytime I have a piece it’s as if i am back home in the states with my family. Thank you x

Sarah / District 3

As a Brit, I never understood why you yank folk got so excited by jerky. I even tried The Jack Links Stuff and it was horrible. But my Yank friend told me nobody in the US eats that stuff and swore by Phat Phucs Jerky. Now I understand!! On my 3rd pack already #iamaddicted

Mark Smith / District 2

When asked how good Phat Phuc’s entire line of scrumptious jerky tasted, Sev replied…

“Jesus Wept.”

Sev / District 7
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